Lockheed Martin & Sikorsky Licensing

Lockheed Martin Trademark Logo
   Sikorsky Trademark Logo

Aviator Gear Company has been granted a license by Lockheed Martin and Sikorsky to use their trademarks on your custom products. Lockheed Martin and Sikorsky are two of the world's leading aerospace and defense companies. Lockheed Martin is known for its innovative aircraft and spacecraft, including the F-35 Lightning II fighter jet and the Orion spacecraft. Sikorsky is known for its helicopters, including the Black Hawk and the Sea King.

Lockheed martin Emblem Color Palette

Lockheed Martin Blue and White Logo Lockheed Martin Black and White Logo
Sikorsky Blue and White Logo with Text 'A Lockheed Martin Company'
Pantone 294
Hex #003478
Pantone Process Black C
Hex #000000
Pantone White


An Identifiable color palette distinguishes each individual brand. Do not use any colors other than the alotted colors in the brand standards guide. For each brand, only the brand specific colors should be utilized.

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