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We are your Snacko, Mess Officer, and Booster Club continuity book. Whether you need patches, challenge coins, t-shirts or zap stickers; you can count on Aviator Gear to provide the very best quality with responsive customer service. We have the resources, knowledge, and experience to make your job easier.

Well, Ok, maybe you think that the Snacko or mess officer is a tediously painful job that is your penance for being the FNG. Yes, it’s a tough job, but if done well, you will get all the credit. We are here to help you take care of your squadron, and make you look good! When your time is done, we will make the changeover a seamless transition.

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Perfect for:

Snacko, mess officer, booster club

During your tour taking care of squadron swag; you will be expected to maintain a steady supply of patches, challenge coins, t-shirts, zaps, key flags, etc. Contact us for a tour of the products we currently make for your squadron or company.

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Perfect for:

GPC Holder, Secretary, contracting officer

Are you a GPC holder, secretary or a contracting officer looking for custom gear? We’ve got plenty of options, including custom patches, challenge coins, zap stickers or key chains. Just let us know what you need and we’ll make it happen!

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Perfect for:

corporate, air show

Our custom gear and aircraft replicas are the perfect choice for any air show, corporate event or other special occasion. We can bring your individual performer, air show fundraising, corporate sponsor, or volunteer merch ideas to life.

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Perfect for:

training classes

We are your one-stop shop to create your patches, pencil patches, zap stickers, custom shirts, nametags, ane more. Everything your SUPT, CSO, UABMT, URT, missile or space training class requires at the very best price.

Icon image of a police badge, fire fighter helmet, medical kit, and life preserver, representing Police, FIRE, EMT and Rescue
Perfect for:

police, fire, EMT, rescue

We design and create custom gear for the Civil Service members, including Police, Fire, EMT, rescue and other first responders, like: Sheriff, SWAT, Narcotics, Security, Drug, Constable, Probation, Customs, Crime and Criminal, Fire, EMT, Life Flight HAZMAT, Rescue, Lifeline, Hazmat, Aerial Firefighting and more.

gift certificate

for aviators for aviators and aviation lovers

1 Forget about timelines

Be the hero by giving your loved one a perfect AND timely gift! We’ll send you the first draft of the gift certificate within 24 hours from receiving the order and the gift code will be claimable within just minutes!

2 Let your loved one customize it

Not sure about the details? Your dear aviator knows them for sure! With our gift certificate you let them pick and customize their own airplane model, briefing stick, wall plaque and more!

3 Give a gift like no other

All our wood products are hand-made from scratch, and personalized with your details. And the gift certificate is fully custom too, with your design ideas, colors and messages.

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