Who Is Aviator Gear?

The one-stop shop for the overwhelmed Snacko, Mess Officer, Booster Club, and Corporate Buyer.

We’ve been in your boots. Juggling the morale of the squadron, all while trying to stay in the books and learning to employ your weapons system. You have to keep the jalapeno-corn hot, the beer cold, and wrangle the tight wad field graders to pay their monthly dues. Whew!

Just when you finally think you’re all caught up, you shake the keg to find it’s running low and the only popcorn within 5 miles is crunched all over the floor. Ughhh!

Then, there is designing a patch for the upcoming deployment, reordering t-shirts, challenge coins, zap stickers. The LPA is AWOL...standard. Thankfully, your online wingman is here to help.

Didn’t you need that custom airplane model, like...yesterday?

Aviator Gear is your panic button when you need BOTOT and you need it right...the first time. We make your life easier with free design and sticking to a production timeline you can count on.

Send us your ideas, even if it’s a crayon drawing on a pizza box (believe us, we’ve seen worse). We will mock it up and toss it back to you for review. After we bat the artwork back and forth a few times, we will quote your project and get to work.

Let's Do It

We are a veteran-owned design company obsessed with exceptional customer service. We are your online wingman helping you take care of your organization. Speaking of wingmen...who’s at the controls of this thing?

Cory, before he was Trap.

Back in 1995 Cory “Trap” Bower wasn’t a retired Lieutenant Colonel with over 3,000 fighter hours and three combat deployments. Nope, Cory was a lieutenant in his first F-15C assignment with the 44th Fighter Squadron at Kadena Air Base in Okinawa, Japan.

Like most new Lts, he wanted to spend every minute learning how to kill MiGs... little did he know his duties that first year would be anything but.

Upon arriving in the squadron, he was informed that he was the new Snacko. Snack what? When asking around for some gouge, all he got was “Good luck, don’t f*** it up.”

Back then in the stone age there was no such thing as wifi and cell phones, so Cory found himself battling with a dial-up ISP, AOL email, and dealing with a dozen different vendors just to get the gear he needed for his squadron.

After wasting countless hours ping ponging between companies he thought to himself, “Man, why doesn’t someone just put all this stuff in one place? It’d make everyone’s life a heck of a lot easier…”

Fast-forward a decade and three more flying assignments and Cory decided he was going to be that someone –– the person that created the place where everyone could go to get exactly what they needed to take care of their squadron.

It’s been 15 years since Aviator Gear launched and Trap and Co. are still in full AB. He and his team have designed, manufactured, and supplied custom gear to thousands of military units, training classes, and aerospace defense companies, like Lockheed Martin, Textron, and Boeing.

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Company Leadership

Amanda Bower, CEO, drives the company strategic execution and marketing. Amanda is a native of Ocala, Florida, and a graduate of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) and the ATHENA PowerLink program. In 2007, she met her business partner and husband Cory. They live in Historic 5 Points, just west of downtown Jacksonville, Florida.

Cory "Trap" Bower is the President and founder of Aviator Gear. Cory was born and raised in Worland, Wyoming and is a graduate of the USAF Academy. Trap served over 21 years in the USAF with over 3,000 hours in the F-15C and AT-38. He has logged over 200 combat hours with three deployments to Southwest Asia, including Operation Iraqi Freedom. Cory retired from the Florida Air National Guard in 2013 with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.

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Company Certifications

  • Woman-Owned Small Business (WOSB)
  • Historically Underutilized Business (HUBZone) certified
  • Minority Business Enterprise (MBE)
  • Jacksonville Small Emerging Business (JSEB) certified

Curious what everyone else is saying about us?

"Fast service and great quality!" - Jose

"This product is amazing!! I purchased this a model plane for my husband and it looked just like his plane! The attention to detail along with the quality of the model were absolutely amazing!!!" - Stefanie

Working with Aviator Gear was a pleasure. I would definitely do business with them again. The zaps turned out amazing and just as advertised. - Bulls Spouse

The guys were professional, helpful and timely. What more could you want from a company? - Chad

Awesome OCP Patches. The customer service was excellent. Working with Jasper was a pleasure. - NH

Customer is King. Very friendly and fast when it comes to answer. Top company. - Tyron

Their correspondence is quick and efficient. For this order (I have had many) I was working with Oliver Aguas and he was excellent. Their quality of product delivery is what keeps me coming back for every patch and zap need I have. - Greg

No reservations, I would recommend this company to anyone. – Brian

High quality, shipped when promised. We would definitely order from Aviator Gear in the future. – Jeffrey

They delivered what I ordered as promised. – Darren

Customer service was absolutely amazing, a joy to work with. Every step of the way was handled with true professionalism. Answered all questions promptly. The product quality is outstanding, well worth the value. Intend to be a returned customer. Highly recommend. – Mark

Unmatched customer service, unparalleled quality product. I would definitely recommend Aviator Gear when looking for custom patch work. – Abel

Company worked with me on multiple edits to make sure my patches were exactly how I wanted them. They arrived in a timely manner and were great quality. Prices were great. Very pleased. - Josh