U.S. Space Force Trademark and Licensing

The U.S. Space Force vertical logo with text "USSF" directly under the Delta, as well as the word mark "USSF" are both registered with the US Patent and Trademark Office. Aviator Gear is authorized to sell embroidered patches, challenge coins, stickers, lanyards, shirts, caps, and custom wooden products of USSF emblems, symbols, logos, and other intellectual property. We are proud to serve the Guardians and units of the U.S. Space Force with custom gear.

Displaying the U.S. Space Force Symbol

SPACE FORCE LOGO The U.S. Space Force, established December 20, 2019, is the newest branch of the Armed Forces; charged with protecting the United States and allied interests in space and to provide space capabilities to the joint force.

The Delta, first used in 1961, became an iconic part of the space missions under the USAF and Air Force Space Command. The Delta will continue its legacy, representing the vital mission sets in space, as the logo for the Space Force.

Display Guidelines

Exclusion Zone The Space Force logo must always maintain an exclusion zone, free of any graphics or text. This space is measured as half the width of the Delta, applied around the border of the entire logo. The border around the logo takes the shape of a box as opposed to following the edge of the logo, similar to the Air Force Symbol.

Minimum Sizes Lighter versions of the logo are only authorized for use on dark backgrounds for best visibility. Additionally, while backgrounds are not required to be solid colors, they must not be so complicated that they obstruct the visibility of the logo.

Incorrect Use In order to ensure that the logo is always clear and legible, each style has a minimum size requirement. The minimum requirements for use in print are listed in the graphic above. When used in digital media, the logo as an independent element, or Delta and text elements, which is commonly referred to as the Space Force signature, must be legible and easily distinguishable.

Color Palette Only specific colors are authorized as part of the Space Force logo. Most versions of the logo incorporate more than one color.


The correct font to be used in the Space Force Logo is Sharp Sans; a web-safe alternative is Trebuchet.