Here are a couple of tips that will help you unpack, assemble, and care for your custom model.

  1. Please take care in unpacking your model. Pay close attention to the notes written on the cardboard locking panels. Cut the tape carefully and slowly lift each locking panel to remove.

  2. Once the model is removed from the box, verify the correct inventory with the included packing list. The smaller antennas are often enclosed in an envelope taped to the packing paper.

  3. Take special care when using scissors or a knife to remove the packing materials. It is very easy to accidentally cut the HF antennas, fending lines, guide wires, etc. Be sure to carefully inspect all packing materials and save them to repackage your model in the future

  4. Assemble the base of your model first. The base and neck are attached using the 2 screws included with the base. To attach the base, carefully turn the model upside down on a towel and slowly rock the model back and forth to slide the base pins into the grommets in the model.

  5. Once the model is on the base, you can assemble the weapons, propellers, antennas, etc.

    1. When installing propellers, rotor blades, or antennas; it is best to wet them with water. When inserting the tip into the hole, twist and rotate the metal tip, until the part is seated all the way…DO NOT PUSH IT WITHOUT TWISTING. Often rotor heads are made of resin, and this could cause them to crack.

    2. When installing the bombs, missiles, pods, etc; it is highly recommended to lightly dip the tip of the pins into a small drop of super glue before inserting into the hole. Although the pins are tight in the holes when leaving the factory, as the wood hardens the holes may loosen. Lightly dipping the pin into a very small drop of super glue will allow you to remove the part to disassemble the model. DO NOT glue the parts directly to the models as removing them could detach part of the paint or wood.

  6. We recommend that you save the shipping containers, support structures and packing materials. These containers are designed to be reused for storing, moving, or shipping your models.

  7. Here are some tips to keep your models clean.

    1. Gloss finish models and bases can be cleaned using a light amount of furniture polish on a soft cloth. Be careful when cleaning around the model propellers, rotors, antennas, and probes.

    2. DO NOT using furniture polish on models with a flat finish. The best way to clean these models is with a can of compressed air, feather duster or a soft bristled paint brush.

I hope these tips have helped you unpack, assemble, and care for your model. Aviator Gear is dedicated to producing the best quality products available on the market today with top notch customer service. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with the quality, detail and accuracy of your custom model; please contact us at All our products include a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee as well as a lifetime warranty against future defects.

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