U.S. Navy Trademark and Licensing

Aviator Gear is proud to be officially licensed by the U.S. Navy. We are authorized to create and manufacture patches, challenge coins, stickers, shirts, and custom wooden products of Navy emblems, symbols, logos, and other intellectual property. We are honored with the privilege to create custom gear for our U.S. Navy sailors.


Other Logos
Other Logos
Other Logos

The logos and emblems of the Department of the Navy represent a legacy that spans more than two hundred and forty years and are invested with goodwill deserving of protection.

The U.S. Navy owns numerous emblems and logos. Approval from the Navy Trademark Licensing Office is needed before utilizing them. Stretching/distorting the signature, logotype or symbol, changing the symbol's texture, or using unapproved colors, shadows or special effects is prohibited.


The emblems, crests, symbols, insignia, names, logos, words and any colors of Naval Aviation represent time-honored qualities and service to the Nation.



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