Custom Patch Frequently Asked Questions

What determines the price of my patch?

The size and order quantity determine the price of your patch. We do not charge extra for multiple colors of thread and our prices are quoted with Velcro included. Subtract $0.25 for any patches without Velcro.

What does 100% embroidered mean?

100% embroidery means that the entire surface of your patch will be stitched with colored thread. In our opinion, a twill background patch is inferior and we do not recommend that option.

Will I have a chance to approve a sample of my patch?

Yes, once your artwork is final, we will create a free sample patch and email a digital photo for your approval. The majority of our patch designs are approved via email. We are happy to mail the actual physical patch sample to you for a sample charge of $50.00, which will take 2 weeks to arrive.

My squadron has three design ideas. Will you develop the artwork, so we can vote on them?

No, sorry. You will need to make that decision, and then we will create your artwork free of charge.

How much detail can I incorporate into my patch design?

Depending on the size of your patch, we can actually accomplish very detailed replication of your artwork using embroidered thread. Small, intricate details will not stitch accurately and simpler is often better. Facial features and extremely small text are especially challenging. Cartoonish images stitch quite well and we do a great job with aircraft and weapons.

Do you have rush service?

Rush production is not available, but let us know your deadline and we will do our best to make it happen.

Are certain patches faster to get than others?

Your reorders and our MAJCOM patches will ship about one week sooner.

What is the minimum order quantity?

We have a minimum order quantity of 50 patches, and you can reorder as few as 25 patches.

Can I combine different patch designs to meet the minimum order quantity?

The minimum quantity for our patches applies to each design. This is because each design requires a different digitized image that instructs the machine how to stitch your patch. We do offer discounts on the same patch design in different colors, such as a color patch and a companion desert or MultiCam OCP patch.

What patch colors do you offer?

Here is our Thread Chart.

How many colors can I use on my patch design and is there any charge for extra colors?

Your patch price 12 colors at no additional charge. Most companies will charge you an additional $0.15 per color for more than 9 colors.

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