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Looking to reorder key flag for your squadron? Search by squadron name or ID to find the key flags we made for you before.

Each key flag is 5” x 1” size
Aviator Gear Key Flag
Avinode Inc RBF Key Flag
Avvert RBF Key Flag
Award Fares Key Flag
Awesomoto LLC Key Flag
Axxeum Inc. RBF Key Flag
AZZ.TV Key Flag
B-25 Sandbar Mitchell RBF Key Flag
Badgers RBF Key Flag
Banks Power RBF Key Flag
Banks Power RBF Key Flags
BAS Part Sales LLC RBF Key Flag
BASF Key Flag
Bass Brigade Inc RBF Key Flag
Bay Land Aviation Flight Crew Key Flag
Bay Land Aviation RBF Key Flag
Beard-O-Mation Truss Movin' Key Flag
Bellator Aviation RBF Key Flag
Beyond City Limits RBF Key Flag
Blue Canyon Technologies RBF Key Flag
Blue Ridge Aviation RBF Key Flag
Boeing KC-46 RBF Key Flag
Boeing MQ-25 Stingray RBF Key Flag
Bonita Steel Builders Key Flag
Boom Supersonic Key Flags
Brampton Flight Centre RBF Key Flag
Brazil Icomerci RBF Key Flag
Brian Brown Knives RBF Key Flag
Bristol Masonic Lodge No. 25 Key Flag
Bristow RBF Key Flag
Bus Pilots Association RBF Key Flag
By Light Professional IT Services LLC RBF Key Flag
C CO 2-228 TFWB Sky Rats RBF Key Flag
C Co, 211 GSAB Valkyrie Dustoff Key Flag
CAF Inland Impire Wing D Day Doll Girl RBF Key Flag
CAF West Texas Wing SB2C Helldiver RBF Key Flag
Cal Poly Pomona School of Aerospace Engineering Blue Key Flag
Cal Poly Pomona School of Aerospace Engineering Key Flag
CALCULEX Install Before Test Key Flag
CALCULEX Mission Ready Key Flag
California Airways RBF Key Flag
Cañon Helitack RBF Key Flag
Canopy Aerospace Carabiner Key Flag
CAP Delaware Wing RBF Key Flag
Car Scene Slovenia Navy Blue Key Flag
Car Scene Slovenia White Key Flag
Carolina GSE RBF Key Flag

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Frequent Questions

Our most popular designs will feature an image or logo with a unit name on one side and squadron or company motto on the other side. The sky's the limit, and you can have absolutely anything embroidered on both sides if you want to!

We have a minimum order quantity of 100 key flags, and you can reorder as few as 50. The minimum quantity for our key flags applies to each design. This is because each design requires a different digitized image that instructs the machine how to stitch your flag.

Once we agree on the final design, production time is just 4 weeks!

Our key flags are usually 1” tall and 5” wide, with a 1” diameter jump ring. Not a problem if you would like a larger or smaller design - just let us know!

Our key flags are made from a heavy duty twill material that will survive life's wear and tear.

We’ve got 72 different background colors to choose from and up to 250 thread colors for the embroidered image! Get in touch with us at for more information.

There are no additional setup charges for our key flags and the artwork is on us.

Still in the fog?

It is totally ok! Just send us your message and we
will contact you soon with further steps.

Not sure about the details?
Or looking for something extra customized?
Just drop us a line and we�ll get back
to you within 24 hours.

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