U.S. Coast Guard Custom Patches

Custom patches for the United States Coast Guard. Our USCG Fleet and Air Station patches are 100% embroidered with Velcro backing. Contact Us and we will bring your Coast Guard patch designs to life.

  • 100% embroidered patches, or try our PVC patches.
  • We will take care of your artwork for free, with no setup charges.
  • Let's get started. Send us your ideas!

CGAS Clearwater Patch

CGAS Clearwater Rescue Swimmer Patch

USCG Barbers North Patch

USCG Station Oak Island Guardians Patch

CGAS Houston Patch

CGAS Kodiak Patch

CGAS Kodiac C-130J Patch

CGAS MH-64D Sundown Borinquen Patch

CGAS San Francisco Patch

CGAS Sitka Patch

CGAS Washington Patch

CGAUX 091-20 Patch

HC-27J Stan Patch

USCG Admin Patforswa NWU Type III Patch

USCG Admin Patforswa Patch

USCG Air Station Barbers Point Patch

USCG Air Station CAPE May New Jersey Patch

USCG Air Station Detroit Patch

USCG Air Station E-City Flight Mechanic Patch

USCG Air Station Miami Florida Patch

USCG Air Station NOLA Patch

USCG Airta Barbers Point Patch


USCG Auxiliary Flotilla 014-24-04 Patch

USCG Auxiliary Flotilla 130-06-06 Patch

USCG Auxiliary Flotilla 71 Patch

USCG Auxiliary Flotilla SCCD 24 Patch

USCG Aviation Fire Support Sacramento C-130 Patch

USCG Aviation Logistic Center Patch

USCG HITRON Jacksonville Patch


USCG HU-16E Patch

USCG HU-25 Falcon Patch

USCG LA Sector Boarding Team Patch

USCG MER Policy Patch

USCG MFPU Bangor Hood Dragons Patch

USCG Miami Night Shift Patch

USCG MIFC PAC Deployable Intelligence Element Patch

USCG Motion Picture and Television Office Patch

USCG MSST San Francisco 91105 Patch

USCG Never Forgotten Commemorative Patch

USCG North Bend Aviation Engineering Patch

USCG PSU 311 Communication Division Morale Patch

USCG Research and Development Center Patch

USCG Sector Mobile IMD Patch

USCG SNNE Enforcement Division Patch

USCG SSC Texas Patch

USCG Station Apra Harbor Patch


CGAS Atlantic City

USCG Air Station

USCG Air Station Cape Cod

USCG Air Station Clearwater

USCG Air Station Sacramento

USCG AIRSTA Sacramento


USCG Blue Arctic Shield


USCG Parents Association


USCG Rescue Swimmer

USCG Sector Anchorage

USCG Station Little Creek

USCG Station Marathon


1915 CMT