Custom large-scale
aircraft models

Made of Premium Mahogany wood, large-scale Aircraft Models for tradeshows, museums, military bases, conventions.


mahogany wood

Our models are hand-carved from solid red lauan mahogany - one of the strongest hardwoods.


precisely engineered

We know that every detail matters. Our models are designed with the heighest precision to be as real as possible.


fully customized

We guarantee you a one-of-a-kind model, designed with exquisite attention to detail.



111 ATKW Large MQ-9 Model Left Side

111 ATKW Large MQ-9

8.75 Feet X 16 Feet
111 ATKW Large MQ-9 Model Right Side

111 ATKW Large MQ-9

8.75 Feet X 16 Feet
433 TFS McDonnell F-4C-24-MC Phantom II

McDonnell F-4C-24-MC Phantom II

7.88 Feet X 4.75 Feet
433 TFS McDonnell F-4C-24-MC Phantom II 2

McDonnell F-4C-24-MC Phantom II

7.88 Feet X 4.75 Feet
433 TFS McDonnell F-4C-24-MC Phantom II 3

McDonnell F-4C-24-MC Phantom II

7.88 Feet X 4.75 Feet
HA-420 HondaJet Left

HA-420 HondaJet

5.35 Feet X 5 Feet
HA-420 HondaJet Right

HA-420 HondaJet

5.35 Feet X 5 Feet
Korea Coast Guard, Sikorsky S-92 Model

Korea Coast Guard, Sikorsky S-92

5 Feet Length
Korea Coast Guard, Sikorsky S-92 Model 2

Korea Coast Guard, Sikorsky S-92

5 Feet Length
SNC, Dream Chaser Model

SNC, Dream Chaser

35.43" X 27.55"
SNC, Dream Chaser Model 2

SNC, Dream Chaser

35.43" X 27.55"
UH-60L Force Hawk 5Ft Model Left

UH-60L Force Hawk

5 Feet Length
UH-60L Force Hawk 5Ft Model Right

UH-60L Force Hawk

5 Feet Length
UH-60L Force Hawk 5Ft Model Top

UH-60L Force Hawk

5 Feet Length

best model

The accuracy and quality of these models is unbelievable! The scale is great and the customization is spot on. They will send pictures and check with you before they go final to make sure it's perfect. Well worth the money.

~ Rob D.

excellent buy

I thought I came prepared to buy the model plane I dreamt about for my dad, but they were even more prepared to make it! Everything was organized and the process was seamless and never overwhelming.

~ Paul W.


This is the 3rd model that Aviator Gear has made for me. The Vietnam aircraft was a gift for my father. Once again Aviator Gear has gone way above and beyond. Thank you for creating this model and for all the wonderful customer support.

~ Roch L.

any aircraft you need
in any size or scale


Any livery or markings unique to your exact airplane, including country and unit insignia and even nose art.

We know and follow the heraldry guidelines to make the decals, markings, and lettering 100% accurate. All our models are hand-painted, so we can recreate the most complex and craziest painting schemes for you.

Any ordnance, colors or weapons


Our expert artisans will hand-carve the plane from premium mahogany wood.

We will run through every external configuration, weapon, sensor, or targeting pod with a fine tooth comb until the model is a perfect replication of your comissioned plane.

premium mahogany wood

Any size or scale you need

All our models are created from scratch. The largest model we can create has a length or wingspan of 8 to 10 feet, whichever is greater. Just let us know your requirements and we'll see what we can do!

Our team will work with your schedule to ensure top quality, on-time delivery and worldwide shipment.


Officially Licensed by

How your aricraft
is created

step by step

  1. 1. Takeoff

    Within 24 hours, our designer will contact you. They will lead you through the design process from the start to finish, asking all the right questions to ensure we collect every important detail.

  2. 2. Confirm route

    1-2 business days

    We'll get back to you with an order form that will capture all of the details you have specified, including photos and mockups for our artists to use during production. Email us back with your approval or any changes or additional photos to aid our replication.

  3. 3. Production

    5-6 months

    Your custom model is hand-carved and molded from solid mahogany wood. We then move to the putty primer stage to get the shape exactly right. The paint process uses hand-painting, airbrushing, stencils, and in-house created decals to replicate the smallest details. The estimated production time for one large-scale model is 5-6 months.

  4. 4. Quality check

    1 week

    Once your custom large-scale model is complete, we'll email the photos to you for final approval. This will allow you to review the finished product, making sure we got everything just right. Once approved, we apply a final coat of lacquer to protect the awesomeness.

  5. 5. Shipped

    2-3 weeks

    After about a week the clear lacquer is dry. We then pack your model in a specially designed container for your aircraft type, to protect it from any unfortunate bumps and knocks. Large-scale model orders ship directly from our factory to your address.

From a block of solid wood to the
perfect replica of your plane

How your aircraft Is created
from start to finish

Did you know... ?

It takes over 60 man hours to cut, carve, mold, paint, and detail your custom model.

Our artisans hand-carve and hand-paint your model from scratch to make it 100% accurate from nose to the tail.

We have made thousands of models, from the smallest to as large as ...

A closer look at our
aircraft models

Perfect for a display in your lobby or hanging from the ceiling in your atrium. Any size, any scale. Our custom airplane models have 100% replication of the exact version of your aircraft with all sensors, antennas, and any ordnance. The external markings will be exactly the same with fuselage patches, tail number, and even personalized names. We can create anything that you can envision. We will engineer the exact size and solution for your space.

We do not provide installation services, but we will provide the dimensions, measurements, and photos that any contractor can easily interpret and quote for you.

After you approve the post-production photos, we will coat your custom model in clear lacquer and allow it to dry for about a week. Your model is packed in a specially designed woodend crate to prevent damage during transit. We will ship to you direct from our factory in the Philippines, which is why the shipping cost is higher than you would expect from a U.S. address.

carefully packaged
and shipped

to anywhere
in the world
in the world

Can't wait to create yours?

No worries!
We help you every step of the way.

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of Experience

Our Philippine


60 artisans

Frequent Questions

Absolutely. We can make any type of aircraft you want - military, commercial, civilian, historical and other airplanes, no matter how unique or rare. You name it - we'll make it happen!

Yes! You can send us the pics of your bird, but it's not necessary for us to get started. All we need is the make and model of the plane you want to create.

We use only the finest kiln-dried solid mahogany (red lauan) wood, hand-carved by the world's greatest craftsmen with unprecedented precision and accuracy. Our artisans carve, mold, assemble, paint, and detail your custom model entirely by hand.

Our production facility is located in the Philippines. Every custom product begins as a block of solid wood and is hand-carved from scratch, just for you.

Absolutely! That is another aspect that makes us unique, because we do not charge extra for customized or personalized details. We will put pilot and crew chief names below the canopies, we will add nose art, and we will personalize your stand.

Once your aircraft replica is complete, we will email multiple post-production digital photos for your final approval prior to shipping. This allows you to see the finished product to ensure that we got everything just right.

We pride ourselves on being completely transparent with our costs so that you know upfront how much you'll be paying. To find out the total price, Get in touch with us for a custom quote.

We use only the finest materials and paints giving us the ability to offer an exceptional warranty that our custom mahogany wood products will never crack, warp, yellow or fade. If you ever encounter these defects, we will replace your product or refund your payment guaranteed. We will also repair or replace any damage that occurs during shipment.

Of course you can! We are happy to design a custom model for a collector or aficionado.

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