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Let us all be part of your excitement! Send us your Aviator Gear unboxing video, get a free cap and a chance to win a surprise giftbox every month!


Get a surprise
aviator gear!

For every video, you'll get a quality Aviator Gear cap
(to match your free shirt, if you aleardy have one!).
Every month our team will pick our favorite unboxing video. The creators will get a special Aviator Gear surprise gift box (Think cups, coins, lanyards and other goodies!)

So, How do
i do this?

It's easy! Just turn on the camera, gather your friends, unpack
your new gear, and tell us what you like best about it!

  • 1Grab your phone

    Get the package and gather your colleagues!
    The more the merrier, but don't get discouraged by the numbers ... If you're alone, you will be the only star. Just get your phone or camera and start recording!

  • 2 record the unboxing

    One of you holds the phone and the other is unboxing - or you can do both, just be careful with the scissors! Focus on the gear, but don't forget to show your reaction either! Let us see that excitement and hear what you think.

  • 3 Share the video

    Everybody wins! Share your video on a social media or video streaming platform of your choice - just make sure to mention @aviatorgear or send us over the link! Questions? Check our video guidelines for more information.

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video guidelines

Of course you can! Mobile phones nowadays are more than capable of producing quality video. So, as long as your phone is not some old brick - just grab it and go for it!

A handful of tips to guide you through:

  • Accepted formats: Any standard video format will work just fine: MP4, MOV, MPEG4, AVI, WMV, FLV, and many others, so - nothing to worry about!
  • Screen ratio: Standard ratios of 4:3 or 16:9 work best if you're filming with your camera. If you're filming with your phone, just tilt it to the side to use the landscape mode.
  • Duration: Usually between 2-5 minutes, but if you feel that you have more to show and share about the gear, we're sure not stopping you, either!

Other than that, just be yourselves, show us the gear and give us your honest reaction and thoughts! Feel free to introduce yourselves, show your faces, etc, if you can. We sure want to see that look of excitement and joy!

Any other questions? Give us a shout, we're here to help!

Depends on which way you want to go:

  • You can post your video to your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account - just don't forget to mention @aviatorgear (otherwise we might just miss it!)
  • You can also post to your own account, just don't forget to mention @aviatorgear - otherwise we might just miss it!
  • Or, you can upload the video to a content sharing platform, like Loom, Youtube, Vimeo and just send us over the link.
  • Easy!

For one thing, your video may end up on this page in the featured videos section! It may also be reposted to our social media channels.

Bear in mind that we'd need to slightly edit the videos sometimes, e.g. to make them shorter. Depending on the content, we may also combine several videos into a single one. Doing this, we'll always be true to the original message.

If for any reason you'd like to remove your video from our site or our social media channels, just get in touch with us!

Send video link

Ready with your unboxing video? Well, then there's just one thing left
to do - send it along! You'll get an email from us once we get it.

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