Custom Squadron Mug Production Process

Here a pictorial tour of the 15 step production process to create your squadron coffee mug or beer stein. Each custom military mug is a handcrafted piece of art; requiring many hours of meticulous casting, refining, and detailing. We would love to design and create your custom squadron mugs! Request a Custom Mug Quote.

The Mold

The shape of your squadron mug is determined by the mold, which is actually two pieces of plaster that are joined and sealed together.

Pouring Slip

Your custom military mug is born when we pour liquid clay, or slip, into the empty mold. The slip is then allowed to sit and harden for an hour.

Breaking the Mold

The mold extracts moisture from the slip, which leaves a shell of clay adhering to the sides of the mold. This clay shell is your blank beer mug.

Finishing Piece

The rough edges, crease marks, and any imperfections are hand-finished and the firm clay is sanded smooth to remove any defects.

Dipping in Glaze

The finished mug is then dipped in a polymer glaze to give it the smooth and shiny surface.

Glost Firing

Your mug then receives its first firing, or Glost fire, in the kiln at over 2100 degrees Farenheit.

Applying Custom Decal

Each decal is then applied by hand, positioned perfectly, and the excess water is removed.

Metallic Gold or Silver Lining

The halo rim is created by lining with 23 karat gold or silver dust, suspended in an oil solution.

Decal Firing

Then your squadron mug is fired a second time in the kiln at 1400 degrees, to burn off the decal coating, fusing the ceramic inks to the glaze.

Finished Custom Military Mug

Your hand-crafted Made in the USA squadron mug or beer stein is now finished and ready to deliver the tasty beverage of your choice.

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