Vietnam Air Force MiG-21 Fishbed Custom Aircraft ModelMiG-21 Fishbed Fighter Aircraft Models

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The VPAF received the first of its 20 or 30 MiG-21F-13 fighters in 1965; 30 MiG-21PFLs, a special variant for Vietnam, were delivered in 1966 (some historians refer to this variant as MiG-21PFV (V = Vietnam), but this is denied by the MiG OKB); either 100 or 110 MiG-21PFM were delivered starting in 1968; sixty MiG-21MF were delivered around 1970; several batches of MiG-21bis izdeliye 75B were delivered starting in 1979, and 18 of izdeliye 75A were received second hand from Poland in 2005 (the 18 included a few MiG-21UMs).

Your aircraft model will be a perfect replication with squadron markings and any tail number. We will also include fuselage names and any nose art. A personalized stand is included with any patch and any two lines of text. After you place your order, we will email a detailed customization form to capture the details and the ordnance of your choice. Our miniature models are also 100% customized, but do not include ordnance.

Size Chart

Regular Model Miniature Model
Length 15.85" 8.04"
Wingspan 7.82" 3.96"
Scale 1/36 1/71

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