82 RS Ceramic Mugs

82 RS MugsKadena AFB Squadron Mugs

Your 82nd Reconnaissance Squadron ceramic mugs include a full-color patch, one line of personalized text and any 1-color artwork on the back side. You can mix the types of mugs, with a minimum order quantity of 12 total mugs. Contact Us for a custom order spreadsheet. Once you collect all of the names and details, send us the completed order form and we will create your invoice for payment.

High-Quality Black/Ivory Custom 82 RS Ceramic Mugs

  • Front Side: 82 RS patch
  • Back Side: Basic Intel Badge
  • Gold Text on Front Bottom
  • Microwave Safe Gold Halo Rims
  • Metallic Imprints: $1.50 each
  • Additional Lines of text: $4.00 each
  • Additional Metallic Lines of Text: $5.50 each
  • Additional Metallic Images: $3.50 each
  • Additional Images: $2.00 each
  • Shipping Cost: $4.00 each via USPS Priority Mail