C-22B Boeing 727 Tanker or Airlift Aircraft Models

The Boeing C-22 was a US military version of the Boeing 727. The C-22B, a 727-100, was the primary medium-range aircraft used by the Air National Guard and National Guard Bureau to airlift personnel. They operated 3 C-22B (727-100 based) aircraft. They also operate 1 C-22C (727-200-based) aircraft. The C-22B required four crew members and three or four in-flight passenger specialists for passenger service and safety.

Your solid mahogany wood model is 100% customized with squadron markings, unique tail number, fuselage names and your choice of any weapons configuration. Personalized stands are included with any patch and text. After you place your order, we will email a detailed customization form to capture the details. Digital photos of your completed aircraft model will be emailed for your final approval prior to shipment. Our miniature models are 8 inches long with the same level of customization and personalization, just without ordnance.