MQ-1C Gray Eagle Reconnaissance Aircraft Models

The U.S. Army has selected a name for its new MQ-1C UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle). It will be called the Gray Eagle. The Gray Eagle will join an already vast UAV fleet. The first MQ-1C company was assigned to the U.S. Army 160th SOAR (Special Operations Aviation Regiment), which belongs to SOCOM. The MQ-1C can land and take off automatically, and carry four Hellfire missiles (compared to two on the Predator), or a dozen smaller 70mm guided missiles. Each MQ-1C costs about $10 million. The army uses warrant officers as operators. The MQ-1C has automated takeoff and landing software, and is equipped with a full array of electronics (target designators, and digital communications so troops on the ground can see what the UAV sees.)

Your solid mahogany wood model is 100% customized with squadron markings, unique tail number, fuselage names and your choice of any weapons configuration. Personalized stands are included with any patch and text. After you place your order, we will email a detailed customization form to capture the details. Digital photos of your completed aircraft model will be emailed for your final approval prior to shipment. Our miniature models are 8 inches long with the same level of customization and personalization, just without ordnance.